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 scholar109's request

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PostSubject: scholar109's request   scholar109's request Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 8:54 am

Hello! My request is for a certain manhwa called The Scholar of the East(also known as The Scholar who Walks the Night/Bameur Geonneun Seonbi )
This manhwa has recently been adapted for a K-Drama so I think this would garner much attention. The art itself is very beautiful, and is even comparable to Bride of the Water God itself Laughing
I have found the Chinese raws of the manhwa which itself could be of help to the moderators out there Surprised
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Description: Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang Sun. Together they will try to fight against a conspiracy.

These are some of the artworks in the manhwa just so if people are interested Smile
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scholar109's request
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