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 Recruiting Modertors

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PostSubject: Recruiting Modertors   Recruiting Modertors Icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2012 11:03 am

posting and initiating new topics of interest as well, especially in the board(s) that you moderate.
help other members by offering knowledge that you have or providing links when necessary.
Do not allow negative comments about members or vendors. Remove the post and post a comment noting the reason it was deleted in the Moderator Section. Send the original poster a personal message (PM) explaining why the post was removed and noting any applicable forum rules.
Notify a forum administrator of any violations that cannot be handled as a moderator and send a warning to the member. In an instance where a member?s behavior is so offensive that it requires a ban, contact an administrator.
If there is a dispute regarding a post please send a personal message (PM) the original poster (OP) to discuss it or remove the post. Posts should only be removed when absolutely necessary - such as when maintaining the integrity of the thread or the forum and it's guidelines/rules

P.S in the manga/manhwa request from, give warning to anyone who doesn't follow the rules b4 posting, if they don't edit their posting request, delete the post and inform them of the reason why.

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PostSubject: forum moderator   Recruiting Modertors Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2013 6:50 pm

hi i would like to apply as forum moderator. i have internet connection (we have internet connection in our house, and university) so i can actively participate in the forum. Smile

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Recruiting Modertors
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