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 Most HATED manga/anime character and why?

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Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Most HATED manga/anime character and why?   Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 11:10 am

First topic message reminder :

Anime: Peach Girl
Character: Sae Kashiwagi
The antagonist who does everything to ruin Momo's[female lead] life, she looks innocent but is actually manipulative bitch,She spreads horrible gossips about Momo to the point that Toji[Momo's boyfriend] believed Sae over Momo, then she also spread rumors that she's dating Toji, and that Momo is trying to steal him from her,which is completely false.after all this Momo comes to forgive her in the future, but does she repent nooooo, she just continue with her evils deeds, she is the first character i've hated so much that i kept wishing i could reach into my pc and actually beat the hell out of her. That girl can make a Nun swear.

Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 15391036_10154866644942148_992567910215981962_n

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Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Most HATED manga/anime character and why?   Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 8:44 am

Sakura Aizen wrote:
As for me, I've always hated SAKURA from Naruto (Naruto Shippuden). She's so annoying, always hitting Naruto like it's not even funny and she's not even cute as a girl. And I also hate SHO FUWA from Skip Beat! He's a jerk and I've always hated men who breaks women's heart. I know wat it feels like to be heartbroken that's why!!


I totally agree on Sakura, but I do think she's become less annoying in Shipuuden compared to before. I find Hinata much more annoying, kind of like: "Speak your d*mn mind girl!" maybe because she's even more shy compared to myself so I really hate seeing that in a character, don't know if she gets better, I haven't gotten very far with the anime yet and I just started with the manga so I wouldn't know XD
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Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Most HATED manga/anime character and why?   Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2014 3:03 am

aerysa wrote:
casandra29 wrote:
It took me a while to decide on what girl I hated the most. I hate a lot of female characters. The runner up is Inspector Tsunemori from Psycho Pass. I am very opinionated about girls and women in manga, maybe because they are part of my gender and representing us sort of.
NO WAAAAY!! I don't get why everyone says that about Akane! Yes, I know she's naive at the start, but she's fresh out of school when she starts her job. She's still finding her own footing and she gets way better as the series progresses! I'm going to have to totally disagree on this one, because I think she's awesome. Seriously, I don't get what the issue is. There are a bajillion worse female characters than her!

Sorry, I have not been here in a long while so I didn't get a chance to answer and expand on why I said that.
Im the exact opposite as you on this point. For me, she was more likable in the beginning. She was full of herself back then, busy talking about her tiny issues to the enforcers who lived such difficult lives and her friends who didn't get as blessed by the corrupt sybil system as her like she wanted sympathy. She latched on to Kogami in the beginning because he humored her when the others wouldn't indulge her. That beginning part didn't bother me as much... In the first 12 episodes or so I didn't like her but she was not bad like that definately not one of my most hated females in anime.
So In the end you get to see just how selfish she really is. Just because she thrives in the sybil system she won't lift a finger against it. As she does those flashbacks near the end of the show she's thinking of what people said to her like her friend who died by makishima's hands and that orange haired enforcer who had been imprisoned since he was 5 and died because he found out the secret. She warped and skewered what they said to her, taking clips of what they said to fit her desire to make herself feel better about her selfish decision to help sybil. So yes in my opinion she was horrible... I actually see more Akane lovers than haters though... but you're the first of her fans I meet that calmly voiced disagreement instead of getting snippy with me which I appreciate by the way.
Perhaps I will like her more when they start a new season. I loved the show as a whole. I wonder who the protagonist will be this time though. Maybe Kogami will come back to free japan and work against her and sybil? Probably not though. Without Kogami and the glasses guy's father and the orange haired guy (it's been a while since I watched it and I can't remember their names at the moment), i worry if it will be as good since they were great characters that helped make Psycho Pass as awesome as it was.

Now one more thing and sorry for the long post.
I need to cut Sakuya as my most hated female in manga. I still dislike her immensely but after thinking about it clearly. I realized that there were a few females I disliked even more.

My most hated Woman Character in all Manga ever and I don't forsee it ever changing is Casca from Berserk. She is horrible. It would take pages to explain what all I hated about her, but ill say a little. She was horrible to guts, he kept getting hurt for her sake but she was never thankful just mean up until a very short period while griffith was captured that they were together, but even after sleeping with Guts and making such a big deal about him not leaving alone again and he agreed to take her with him, when they get to rescuing griffith, she doesn't know what she wants anymore. Getting jelous of the princess and speaking about those feelings to the person who they would hurt the most.
When griffith betrays all of the band of the hawk and rapes her during the eclipse. Guts cuts off his arm to get to her, yet the only thing she seems upset about in the whole thing is that he was watching it while it was happening and that she knew she was pregnant and was trying to not let her idol griffith hurt the baby... It's questionable if she considered it really rape. In the end guts and casca were saved before he could off them both, but when he woke up she freaked out on him for getting anywhere close to her and she seemed to regress to a child like person who specifically hated Guts. Even with her out of her mind, she decided she didn't like him. He keeps helping her and getting hurt for her regardless and she keeps being horrible to him.
This is one of the only manga where I really hope the Guy main character doesn't get what he was fighting all this time to protect. I hope that he cures her and then ends up with someone more worthy. However, everyone even Guts in that manga is severely messed up, but it is one of my all time favorite manga... I liked it best in the beginning. Now it's kinda strayed from its dark roots to become more straight fantasy. The art is amazing regardless though (the first 3 volumes the art was not nearly as good but after that there was a dramatic change and it became extremely detailed).
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Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Most HATED manga/anime character and why?   Most HATED manga/anime character and why? - Page 2 Icon_minitime

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Most HATED manga/anime character and why?
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